Ruderal provides comprehensive landscape architecture services at all scales. We partner with municipalities, institutions, community groups, and private developers to guide the design and planning process, from concept to construction supervision. Our Landscape architecture services include:

Site analysis: evaluating land to identify its opportunities and constraints; assessing factors such as topography, soil quality, climate, vegetation, and existing infrastructure.

Master planning: defining the site’s capacity to meet program, vision, conceptual, and environmental goals; establishing landscape design guidelines to achieve functional and aesthetic coherence site-wide. See Veli Master Plan, Art Villa Garikula.

Site planning: developing a coherent landscape concept incorporating site functions and program. See Kvareli Lake Resort, Bodbe Hotel in Sighnaghi.

Ecological restoration: restoring the ecological function of natural areas, post-industrial, mining, and military sites. See: Narikala Ridge Forest; Kavtiskhevi Quarry; Arsenal Oasis.

Heritage Conservation: preserving and adapting historic landscapes and structures. See Veli Master Plan, Shuamta Gateway.

Urban landscapes: design of public spaces, streetscapes, and other urban areas that promote walkability, livability, and sustainability.

Construction documentation and management.
Maintenance and management plans: planning for ongoing maintenance and management of large-scale landscapes.

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