Narikala Ridge rises between the National Botanical Garden and the Sololaki neighborhood of Tbilisi. Attractions include the historic Narikala Fortress and the Mother of Georgia Monument. The landscape is linked to the city by a walking path and a cableway that connects to Rike Park across the Mtkvari River.

As part of the larger Mtatsminda reforestation project, Ruderal developed the replacement forest for the ridge with a mix of mature trees and seedlings from the Sartichala nursery. Using techniques developed in the Okrokana Pilot Project, we created four new "forest patches" to augment existing forest cover and suited to the challenging ridge conditions. These patches—the "Cedar Forest", the "Flowering Thicket", the "Oak Savanna", and the "Silver Forest"—provide a coherent forest backdrop for the neighborhood of Sololaki and provide a link to the Tbilisi Botanical Garden to the city. The new forest will provide immersive, leafy vantage points across the city and a shaded path between points of interest.

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