Located on a ridge above the historic Bodbe Monastery and the 18th-century village of Sighnaghi, the Sighnaghi Panorama Hotel features panoramic views of the Alazani Valley and its surroundings. Ruderal re-engineered the degraded site to create new vehicular access and program terraces. The optimized topography reintegrates the site with Kakheti’s Sighnaghi ridge, including its thickly textured woodland forests on the south and steep evergreen slopes to the north. New program areas include a sweeping “Sky Beach”, a sports terrace, and an event terrace with a cooling water feature.

The gardens range in scale from the panoramic to the intimate and utilize textured perennials and Georgian endemic species, providing spaces to relax, celebrate, play, and contemplate. Paths and lanes are lined with allees of deciduous shade trees to provide shade and direction. A barrier-free circuit provides access to hotel guests and service vehicles.

Additional Project Information on the Ruderal Substack:
• Designing a Sky Beach
• Construction updates

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