Veli is a 17-hectare arts and hospitality campus in historic Bakurtsikhe, Kakheti, a region famous for winemaking. The site includes a 19th-century vineyard estate, a former agricultural-technical college, and a landmark cypress allee. The new campus program begins with a rich landscape terrain that integrates a boutique hotel, a farm-to-table restaurant, an agricultural center, an artist residency, and a library. The campus terrain offers a panoramic horizon of the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus mountain range.

Ruderal developed a long-term master plan for the campus that prioritizes the historic Kakhetian landscape character as the foundation for the renewal and redevelopment of the territory. The plan integrates the site’s rich history with a spirit of discovery, conviviality, and metamorphosis. Major site works include the replanting of woodlands, restoration of the historic estate gardens, new infrastructural systems, and re-contouring of former building sites into a park-like landscape of forest gardens and clearings.

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