Art Villa Garikula is an international artist residency located in the Tedzami River Valley in the Shida Kartli region of Georgia. Garikula hosts the annual Fest I Nova festival, dedicated to Brothers Kirill and Ilia Zdanevich, two of Georgia's leading 20th-century avant-garde artists.

Ruderal's master plan includes the preservation and reinterpretation of the landscape and architecture, additional parking and vehicle circulation, and siting new residences and dining facilities, exhibition spaces and workshops. The Villa was built in 1885 as a summer home of Polish architect/engineer Vasiliy Bolgarski. He designed a comprehensive water system that supported fruit, wine, and spirits production. After the Soviet revolution in 1921, the site served as an army base and orphanage. Restoration began in 2000 by a dedicated team of art professors and students, and international programs have emerged in dialogue with the expansive realm of contemporary art, while revitalizing crafts and material traditions.

In addition to site infrastructure improvements, the landscape master plan includes biodiverse enhancements to historic hedgerows, new woodland plantations, and several small-scale garden spaces. Using low-energy building techniques and durable, inexpensive, local materials, the project will involve regional workers and integrate traditional construction with modern, sustainable practices to form a collective knowledge base.

Link to video about Karaman Kutateladze and the history of Garikula

Team: Lasha Mamaldze, Kate Moxham, Marguerite Graham

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