Ruderal designs and implements tools that allow for rapid iteration and conceptual evolution of project elements. Our tools are integrated with conventional practice workflows in the following areas:

Grading and Earthwork

  • Analysis + Simulation with Context The wrong type of algorithmic landscape analysis and simulation can lead to data overload that slows down a project rather than making it more intelligent. At Ruderal we make the best use of scale-appropriate algorithms and data to free up decisionmaking and generate relevant design narratives supported by available data.

  • Concept Development + Rapid Iteration Our grading approach immediately clarifies design possibilities within project parameters. We automate the busywork of maintaining standard slopes and regulations, freeing time to study landscape experience by clarifying the spatial capacities of the site.

  • Sculpting and Optimization Ruderal's hybrid approach to grading combines the artistry of landform sculpting with the precision of algorithmic grading to create projects that are both visually stunning and technically sound. This approach involves using both traditional grading techniques and advanced software to model and analyze the terrain, ensuring that every contour is carefully considered and executed with constructible precision.

Materials and Methods
Ruderal's innovative approach to landscape design challenges traditional construction methods by thinking with and beyond the unit paver, allowing for new material concepts to be incorporated into projects without breaking the budget. By exploring unconventional and construction techniques, Ruderal's projects open up new iterative capacities from using recycled materials to experimenting with new paving patterns and textures.

Planting: Foregrounding Growth
We create projects that work with the behaviors of plants to amplify experiences and maximize possibilties for plant growth. Rather than treating plants as products with diminishing value, we set up ecosystem approaches to support growth and maintain health over time.

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