One year ago:building the Arsenal Oasis for the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial

August 25 is the day of Transfiguration, written in Georgian as ფერისცვალება: literally ‘change of color”. Transfiguration informally marks the start of fall, when there’s a slight change in the angle of sunlight.

This fall we are excited to announce the launch of our website, A big thank you to the team at Platform for their expertise in design and development.

Our studio and field posts this month include:

>> Visualising Mtatsminda Forest: How simple models of ecological diversity can drive culturally relevant reforestation efforts, by Ben Hackenberger and Christian Moore;

>> Mtatsminda Perennials: Much to see on the forest floor, by Christian Moore;

>> Bigger MPs: Amplifying landscape identity with digital and analog tools, by Sarah Cowles;

>> 96 Bridges and 53 Tunnels: Construction of Georgia's East-West Highway Reshapes the Rikoti Pass, by Ben Hackenberger.

This fall we welcome landscape designer and Fulbright Student Scholar Sarah Coleman. Her project: “Terrain Cures: New Approaches of Interpretive Trail Making in the Historic Health Landscape of the Sadgeri Plateau” is a continuation of her thesis work at Knowlton School. She will divide her time between Tbilisi and fieldwork in the Borjomi region.

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